Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Solar Energy Storage Batteries are now common place in Ireland.

Surplus Solar PV energy generated during the day can be stored in a battery system that can be used later, typically in the evening and overnight depending on the time of year and a customer’s requirements. A well designed Solar PV array combined with a storage battery can typically save a customer between 70-80% of yearly electricity costs using clean, self-generated energy.


Solar PV and battery systems, if sized correctly, can charge, store and discharge battery energy to assist with a number of scenarios such as

• General electrical grid reliance
• Reducing electricity bills
• Peak time rate increases
• Regular and sporadic power outages on non-critical grid transmission lines
• A back-up up power supply that acts as a UPS type application for remote working

Our specified battery systems are some of the best on the market and meet the highest standards for safety and quality.