Why Us

Welcome to Infinite Energy

Ireland like many other countries, is facing an energy transition.

With many concerns mounting over energy shortages, sustainability, climate change and the environment, the realisation is, we must individually do our part to ensure a sustainable future.

The idea for Infinite Energy was born when we realised we needed to be part of the energy solution.

Our mission is to provide a quality and value service to individual and business customers alike, assisting them on their sustainable journey in the installation of micro-generation and ‘behind the meter’ power generation systems. We aim to help our customers save money, while reducing their carbon footprint to create a clean and sustainable future for all of our families.

Solar Photovoltaic

Generate electricity during daylight hours. Ireland has quite a good climate suited to Solar PV Energy generation due to our good irradiance levels and cool climate which ensures the solar panels generate energy efficiently.

Each project is different to the next in terms of building or site layout, customer electricity usage and system design. With this in mind, our experienced assessors complete a full site survey and discuss each customers power usage to ensure we achieve the optimal design required for your property.

Infinite Energy is a subsidiary of Fenlux Electrical Contractors & Engineers. Our management and staff bring their experience from working in all sectors of the commercial and industrial electrical industry to ensure that our customers specific requirements and expectations are achieved and exceeded.

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