Solar PV

Why should I install a solar system?

After you install a Solar PV System on your property, it will continue to generate free electricity year after year.

This means you dramatically reduce your energy consumption, reduce your carbon footprint while saving money, or even eliminating up to 80% of your electricity costs depending on the system installed and your energy usage.

How Solar PV Works?

Grant Aid
Solar PV

Grant Aid is available for certain properties through the SEAI Grant Scheme which can contribute up to €2,100 for some domestic solar PV installations.

Non-Domestic Grant Aid of up to €162,600 (maximum grant offering) is available for businesses, the agricultural sector, public sector bodies, schools, community centers and non-profit societies etc. .

Other grants such as the TAMS for agricultural customers can also assist with the initial capital investment.Get in touch today to discuss the current grants available for your Solar PV system.


Installing a Solar PV system is a solid long term investment.

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From the moment your system is installed you are saving on your electricity bills. Your initial investment will equate to between 15-30% return per annum for many years to come and have free electricity once the system pays for itself. With the prices of energy and fuel on the rise across the board, payback periods are now expected to get even shorter. With a grid feed in tariff also now imminent, there has never been a better time to invest in Solar PV energy.

Increases the Value
of your Home

Installing a Solar PV System improves the BER energy rating on buildings.

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Installing a Solar PV System improves the BER energy rating on buildings. Efficient buildings sell at a significant premium compared to those who are less efficient. Imagine the prospective buyer being told that their electricity bill could be up 60-80% less every two months than initially expected. With high energy and fuel prices a hot topic at the moment, buyers will increasingly focus on energy efficiency systems when purchasing any property.


Producing your own electricity reduces your need to draw from the grid.

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Therefore, less fossil fuels are required to generate power at the power stations thus reducing the biggest source of carbon pollution. Installing a Solar PV System is the single most effective step you can take towards reducing your carbon footprint. Let’s all do our part….

Why Infinite Energy

In short, one size does not fit all. There are many off the shelf kittype solar power systems now available in the current market withadd on equipment that may not be of benefit to an installation.

With a lack of training and understanding of Solar PV system designapparent in some installations, a one size fits all approach can betaken without factoring in customers individual requirements. Infinite Energy can ensure a tailored design which includes a feasibility study to maximise an installations generated output, while also keeping costs as low as possible. We have a system for all budgets.

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Cheap solar panels or inverters may seem like good financial sense at first but typically these will not match the performance or longevity of a proven manufacturer who will back up their sales with a good guarantee.

A proven manufacturer does not always mean a premium price with a large number of brands available as a cost-effective solution.

We are big on Quality

Infinite Energy only uses the highest quality solar panels, inverters, mounting systems and equipment from world leading brands which gives us piece of mind that we are achieving the maximum safety andperformance for our customers.

You are working with an approved installer.

Infinite Energy pride ourselves on our experience, electrical industry knowledge and accreditations.

We are:

QQI Trained Solar PV and Micro Generation designers, installers, and commissioning agentsRegistered Electrical Contractors (REC)
Members of SEAIDegree Qualified Engineers in Electrical Services Engineering and Energy Management
Registered Solar PV InstallersQuality, sustainable and LEAN management advocates
Members of Safe Electric IrelandMembers of the Irish Solar Energy Association