Solar Buzz

Solar Buzz

A recent study suggests solar farms might be a surprising haven for bees and butterflies!

While the gloomy winter might make you think twice about solar panels dotting the British landscape, new research shows they could be a boon for pollinators. While solar energy’s economic benefits are clear, concerns exist about land use and the rural aesthetic.

This new twist offers a glimmer of hope. The study by Lancaster University, conducted across 15 sites in 2021 , found that solar farms, particularly those with diverse plant growth beneath and around the panels, were teeming with pollinating insects! Butterflies, bees, moths, and hoverflies all seemed to be thriving in these sunny havens.

Perhaps most surprising, the study found that solar farms located in landscapes stripped of natural habitats, like hedgerows, offered the most significant benefits. These sites provided crucial sources of food and nectar, unavailable elsewhere.

This research offers a unique opportunity – tackling climate change and biodiversity loss simultaneously. Imagine solar developers planting a variety of native wildflowers – a win for both clean energy and the return of much-needed diversity to our countryside


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