Thompsons Engineering Carlow



System Size 100 kWp

Annual Savings


Duration of Works

2 weeks

Payback Period 

3-4 years

Annual CO2 savings

260,100 Kg

Thompsons of Carlow holds the distinction of being Ireland’s oldest engineering company, with a specialization in manufacturing steel foot and road bridges, as well as crafting specialized bodies for high-performance industrial vehicles, alongside various other industrial and technical items. As a frontrunner in the energy-intensive engineering sector, Thompsons has traditionally faced substantial overhead expenses within their expansive 40,000 square foot production plant.


In a strategic partnership with Infinite Energy, Thompsons successfully integrated a 100 kWp system at their production facility, resulting in a remarkable reduction in energy overheads and a commendable contribution to shrinking their carbon footprint. Due to the success of this installation Thompsons have engaged Infinite Energy to install an extra 130 kWp in the coming months.

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  • February 2, 2024