Swan Electrical Expert



System Size

45 kWp

Savings per annum


Duration of works

1 week

Payback Period

3-4 years

Annual CO2 savings

33,150 Kg

Swan’s Expert Electrical has been serving Carlow for half a century, establishing itself as a trusted name in the local community, specializing in a comprehensive range of home appliances and electronics. High amounts of energy is consumed daily, powering energy demanding display products such as fridges and televisions ensuring they operate at their best for customers to experience first hand. Additionally, their large store requires substantial heating and lighting driving energy costs up further.

Swans Committed to lowering their high energy costs and minimizing their environmental impact, Swan’s Expert sought a renewable energy solution by investing in Solar PV technology. They installed a 45 kWp Solar PV system to the south of the building, harnessing clean and sustainable energy from the sun to power their operations. This initiative not only helps Swan’s Expert reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources but also demonstrates their dedication to environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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  • January 16, 2005