Little Harvard



System Size

40 kWp

Annual Savings


Duration of works

1 week

Payback Period

3-4 years

Annual CO2 savings

29,964 Kg

Founded in 2000, Little Harvard is one of Ireland’s leading childcare providers with 18 locations in Wicklow, Kildare and Dublin. One of their busiest establishments is a sizeable two-story creche in Bray, Co. Wickow. This facility incurs substantial energy demands due to factors like lighting, heating, and its extended 11.5-hour daily operation, leading to escalating energy costs.

In order to minimize their energy costs and reduce their carbon emissions, Little Harvard teamed up with Infinite Energy to install a Solar PV system. Infinite Energy took advantage of the facility’s large, flat roof space to design and install a system to optimise energy production while also meeting SEAI grant requirements. The installation has considerably decreased the organization’s energy costs, while also allowing for clean green energy for many years to come.

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  • March 7, 2004