Bernard Kavanagh and Sons



System Size

100 kWp

Annual Savings


Duration of works

1.5 weeks

Payback period

3-4 years

Annual CO2 savings

67,469 Kg

Bernard Kavanagh & Sons are renowned bus and coach hire operators based in Kilkenny. The company proudly possesses the nation’s largest fleet of buses. Due to large number of vehicles the company requires large bus depots, leading to high lighting and energy expenses. Additionally, their multiple offices contribute to escalating electricity expenses.

Transitioning to solar energy made perfect sense for the company. The installation of a 100 kWp Solar PV system by Infinite Energy has resulted in substantial savings and a significant reduction in their carbon footprint. This move has played a crucial role in improving their environmental impact and minimizing their energy overheads while improving company profits.


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  • February 13, 2024