Declan Byrne & Sons

Declan Byrne & Sons commissioned Infinite Energy to install a 48.8 kWp system, enabling annual savings year on year and a reduced carbon footprint.

Raths Londis

Raths Londis’s large south facing roof provided maximum solar exposure for Infinite Energy’s 74.62 kWp solar PV system allowing for a very high performing system.


MSD partnered with Infinite Energy to implement a large 325 kWp solar PV system in their Carlow plant allowing for large savings and carbon emissions reductions.

Dooley Motors

Infinite Energy implemented a 65 kWp solar PV system on the buildings of Dooley Motors’ Carlow dealership and test center in a commendable move to green energy.

Uisce Éireann

State company Select Uisce Éireann partnered with Infinite Energy to install a 176 kWp solar PV system in their Portloman water treatment plant.

Bernard Kavanagh and Sons

Bernard Kavanagh & Sons offset their high energy expenses by partnering with Infinite Energy in an 100 kWp solar PV install.

Thompsons Engineering Carlow

Infinite Energy integrated a 100 kWp system to Thompsons production facility, resulting in a remarkable reduction in energy overheads and company carbon emissions.

Swan Electrical Expert

Infinite Energy installed a 45 kWp solar PV system at Swan’s Expert Electrical Carlow, enabling them to harness clean, sustainable solar energy.