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Infinite Energy are offering x% off solar PV installations for all members of  Keep it in the Paddock.

Our team will complete a quick and free survey of your premises to ensure an accurate quotation which will include your _% discount.

Please complete the following form and one of our team will get in touch to arrange.

Let us know the type of property you’re interested in by entering “Domestic” or “Commercial” in the message box at the end of the form.



Return on Investment

Return on

Installing a Solar PV system is a solid long term investment.

Increases the Value of your Home

Increases the Value
of your Property

Installing a Solar PV System improves the BER energy rating on buildings.

Better for the Environment

Better for the Environment

Producing your own electricity reduces your need to draw from the grid, lowering carbon emissions.


Grant Aid is available for certain properties through the SEAI Grant Scheme which can contribute up to €2,100 for some domestic solar PV installations.

Non-Domestic Grant Aid of up to €162,600 (maximum grant offering) is available for businesses, the agricultural sector, public sector bodies, schools, community centres and non-profit societies etc.

Other grants such as the TAMS for agricultural customers can also assist with the initial capital investment. Get in touch today to discuss the current grants available for your Solar PV system.


Infinite Energy

In short, one size does not fit all. There are many off the shelf kit type solar power systems now available in the current market with add on equipment that may not be of benefit to an installation.

With a lack of training and understanding of Solar PV system design apparent in some installations, a one size fits all approach can be taken without factoring in customers individual requirements. Infinite Energy can ensure a tailored design which includes a feasibility study to maximise an installations generated output, while also keeping costs as low as possible.