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Electricity and energy costs are on the up.

SEAI statistic indications, which are based on Eurostat data figures, noted that average electricity prices to business consumers in Ireland between January and June 2021 grew by up to 13.9%.

With an increasing population, industry growth and a shortage in large scale energy generation solutions, energy prices are sure to increase dramatically for the foreseeable future.

As of January 2022, we have had a large increase in business customers enquiring about our services. This is based on the fact their electricity costs have doubled or they have been notified their rates will be doubling or more in the coming year.
By engaging Infinite Energy we can propose a number of methods on how to keep your electricity costs manageable.

First of all, we are a team of electrical engineers and electricians, not salesmen.

A large number of “energy experts” claim they will reduce your costs by looking at your bills, showing your fancy software and then making assumptions. The only definitive method is to have industry experienced engineers and electricians measure, log and report on your usage. This will give you the reassurance that we will propose the best logical solutions to reducing your bills.

A typical
review would:

• Start with an initial discussion and review of your existing contract rates.
• Completion of a building load analysis with load profiling measurements using our energy monitoring meters to determine where and why your electricity is being used.
• Determine what systems could be modified or retrofitted to reduce your buildings energy demand.
• Complete a detailed report on the existing systems indicating how these could be improved and propose how to rectify or retrofit these systems.
• Propose solutions for generating and possibly storing your own energy through renewable Solar PV and battery storage systems.
• Ensure you are on the correct tariff, MIC and standing charge based on your actual measured energy consumption.
• And finally assisting with switching providers if required to achieve the best possible unit rates for your business.

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