Commercial Solar PV

The continued price increases in electricity and fuel poses significant challenges for Irish Businesses. Installing a Commercial Solar Power System is a solution that can reduce electricity costs in the short and long term while also reducing business risk. Solar energy is a significant aspect of any business sustainability program.

Most businesses typically operate during daylight hours which makes these buildings ideal for Solar PV generation. Our Electrical Engineer can review, measure and identify your daily electrical loads in your buildings MEP services to assist with generating your electricity consumption profile. Once we identify particular loads, we can design a Solar PV generation system that will offset these loads thus reducing your electricity bills but also dramatically reducing your yearly carbon emissions.

How Solar PV Works?


• Immediate Cost Savings
• Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA)
• High Yield probability due to large roof areas with minimal shading effects
• High Investment Returns
• Reduced Business Risk
• Reduced Carbon Emissions and Footprint
• A Visual Carbon Savings Statement
• Utilisation of existing roof areas to generate revenue
• No maintenance required

Customised Solution

We will deliver a customised commercial solar proposal that considers your electricity consumption profile, electricity tariffs, existing services load analysis summary plus a sustainability assessment of your building or facility.

Our summary report will include:
• System Yield
• Investment Return
• Payback Periods
• Net Present Value Analysis

Infinite Energy will provide you with the information you need to make your investment decisions.

Make your businesses commitment to a sustainable future.

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